How can you help TOHA?

There are several ways you can offer support to TOHA:

Make a financial donation
Adopt an animal
Contribute food for the animals
Provide equipment and veterinary supplies such as: food dishes, bedding, cages or containers, collars, leashes, muzzles, products such as shampoos, parasite treatments, etc.
Give a few hours of your time to work with the animals - cleaning, washing, socializing, etc.
Help us with running and developing the TOHA association, as a committee member or by assisting with administration. We also need help with English-Tetum translations
Organise a fundraising event

Larger-scale technical and financial support is also needed from donors, NGOs and Governments:

To extend the animal shelter and set up a TOHA office with permanent staff
To help us to devise and run public education campaigns, veterinary health roadshows, pet care workshops for adults and children and anti-cruelty programmes for youth groups.
To assist TOHA in supporting the development and promotion of a humane Timorese livestock industry
To offer advice on drafting and enforcing anticruelty legislation
To offer veterinary and para-vet training to Timorese people

Please contact us if you would like further information about these programmes.