TOHA: All about us

Timor Oan Hadomi Animal (TOHA) is a non-profit organization focusing on animal welfare and protection in Timor-Leste.

TOHA intends to engage with the Timorese public to draw more attention to the condition of animals in this country and to facilitate veterinary support where it is needed. We believe that through TOHA’s activities, Timorese people will have more humane perspectives in animal care, whether they are pet owners or depend on livestock for their livelihood.

TOHA aims to involve as many people as possible, acting as a focal point for initiatives to create a better environment for animals in this country. We will act at national and local level, through public education and training programmes, door-to-door campaigns, individual animal treatments, distribution of medicines and intensive consultations.

TOHA is an association of veterinarian doctors and lay people who are dedicated to improving animal—and therefore human—welfare in Timor-Leste. Membership is open to all. The organisation will be funded by voluntary contributions, donor/governmental support and corporate sponsorship, and its activities are carried out by unpaid volunteers.

Our Mission Statement

The issue of animal welfare has received very little attention in the public arena in this country. The production of quality livestock is of crucial economic importance to almost all citizens of Timor-Leste. Animal health is closely linked to public health, whilst TOHA’s work in preventing animal cruelty will have significant positive cultural and social impacts.

TOHA’s activities will cover the following aspects of animal welfare:

Public education: good livestock husbandry and the prevention of cruelty
Veterinary treatments and preventative care
Control of feral domestic animals
Prevention of animal—human cross-infectious diseases
Positive social change through changing attitudes to cruelty—working with Timorese youth groups
Promotion of Timorese livestock as a mainstay of the country’s economy
Working towards drafting and enforcing legislation to prevent cruelty to animals

Dr Antonino do Karmo MVS provides veterinary services through his Dili Vet Clinic, which is equipped with an operating theatre and an animal shelter.

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